100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you joined the booked tour and are unsatisfied with any part of the tour or insider, you may request a refund. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


How can guests change booking details?

    We get it. Things happen and plans change. We will try our best to accomodate. If you wish to change the starting time or date of the confirmed booking, please contact your paired insider directly and simply agree on a new date and time together. If you however wish to include more people to your booking or some of your friends cannot make it to the experience, please contact support@takearthour.com.

What is the cancellation policy for guests?

    It depends on who is making the cancellation. Please contact support@takearthour.com for processing.
    Booking cancelled by the insider:
    100% refund goes back to you (guest)! You receive 100% refund and may choose to receive the refund as ARTHOUR credit back to your account immediately or to receive the full payment refund back to provided payment method within 7 working days.
    If you choose to cancel the booking as a guest:
    • More than 4 days before the experience date: You will be refunded 100% of the total price.
    • Less than 4 days before the experience date: The insider will be fully paid, you won’t receive a refund.
    Booking Requests rejected/withdrawn/expired before confirmation:
    All bookings on request need to be replied by the insider within 72 hours. If your booking request is rejected or not confirmed within 72 hours by the insider, or when you withdraw the request before confirmation, you will not be charged.


How do I report fraud or submit a dispute?

    To submit a valid claim for your booking as guest:
    Contact support@takearthour.com to bring the travel issue to our attention. If you notice any issue, contact us within 24 hours. We'll ask you to provide photographs or other documentation that show what you're experiencing. We will require that you:
    • Are responsive to our requests for additional details.
    • Have not directly or indirectly caused the travel issue.
    • Have made reasonable efforts to remedy the circumstances with the insider prior to submitting a claim, including contacting your local insider notify them of the issue. We'll verify this.


How does ARTHOUR ensure insider quality?

    ARTHOUR is an open marketplace which means that the booking is made between you and the local insider.To ensure safe and trustworthy experiences, we follow 3 important steps:
    Quality check by ARTHOUR
    Once a local insider signs up on our website, we perform a thorough verification process. We verify basic information, such as name, address, social profiles, phone number, ID, payment details and description of the experience. In addition, for this initial phase, there are only 10 invite-only local insider partners that the founder has personally joined all experiences and vetted.
    Community & Industry
    We are creating and nurturing a strong community in every destination we are present. Beyond the pilot phase, ARTHOUR plans to keep a tight connection with the local insider and pay regular visits to the city to make sure that the quality standards meet the expectation of our guests.
    Review System
    Every guest gets the opportunity to review his/her experience with an local insider and made publicly available. When multiple guests leave positive reviews, you are more certain you can trust the host and the experience he or she offers.


What are ARTHOUR's policies on privacy and cookies?

    Stay tuned.


What are ARTHOUR's terms of service?

    Stay tuned.

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